The Bullring is one of the oldest in Andalusia. It dates back to the 19th century, although in the 21st century, the bullring’s alleyway and the burladeros were renovated.

It is built with walls made of ashlars of hewn stone with slabs under the right side stands, taking advantage of the orography of the terrain. The burladeros were originally made of stone walls. The area where the bulls are kept consists of eight pens.

The area for the public has a capacity for approximately 1,200 people.

El Castillo de las Guardas has a great bullfighting tradition. The municipality is full of large estates and meadows, an idyllic setting surrounded by holm oaks and cork oaks, most of which are dedicated to the breeding of fighting bulls.

There are bull-breeding farms of great bullfighting prestige, such as: Buenavista, Señores González de San Román and Herederos de José Luis Osborne Vázquez, Fernando Sampedro, Juan Pedro Domecq, Gabriel Rojas, Martín Lorca, Escribano Martín, Toros de la Plata, Herederos de Antonio Ordóñez, Cañada Grande and Los Azores.

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